bestrix magnetic phone holder useful review

bestrix magnetic phone holder

Everyone knows that appearance is not everything but it certainly helps you with something, today we will talk about a product you will like when you first see it. it’s a Bestrix Magnetic Phone Holder.


It is stylish design, mobile, small and powerful, has a unique appearance and is made of the best innovative material to carry your phone any type and hold your phone strongly while circling on the roads to rugged and is not affected by the bumps of the road


  • 【Elegant & Luxurious Design】Our new patented design Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount – Small, Portable, Strong – giving your air vent a unique and luxurious look and an easy 360° rotation of your phone display.
  • PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER: The Bestrix Magnetic Air Vent phone holder’s measurements are compatible with all air vent straight blades (horizontal/vertical) over 2.5″ wide (64 mm) The product width is 100 mm. If you have a thick phone case please consider placing the metal plate on the outer side of the case (Otterbox not supported). Wireless charging is not working when using the metal plate.

You can also check the installation details on Amazon.


  • Easy to install and easy to use.
  • You can place your phone on it and speak easily while driving.
  • Phone weight is not affected.
  • Features a powerful magnet that will not worry about your phone.
  • Hold your phone well during road bumps.
  • Ability to rotate your phone to get the best viewing angle.
  • Do not take up too much space.
  • Makes you place your phone at the eye level.

    bestrix magnetic phone holder
    credit by Amazon


  • When you remove the phone from the device you must move it and not pull it.
  • Its only problem is that it is placed on the ventilation holes, When the heater is used, the adhesive is heated and made it melt, but it is a good product.


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bestrix magnetic phone holder

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