Nonda ZUS Connected Car App Suite useful review

nonda ZUS Connected Car App Suite

Do you have problems when you go to crowded places or when shopping and look a lot and do not remember where you left it. You only need to use nonda ZUS to find out where your car is. In this article, we’ll review it to help you.


nonda ZUS used to know where your car through the Android application and it is equipped with a powerful charger can charge your phone faster than ordinary chargers


  • A very fast charger lets you recharge at a rate of 2.4 times the normal charger.
  • The application saves the place of your car in the position. Just open the application to find your car and its location.
  • Monitor your car battery actively through the application.
  • Record the number of your kilometers.
  • Never pay another parking ticket again with a parking counter alert.

You can also check the installation details on Amazon


  • Unique design.
  • You do not need to have Bluetooth all the time. You just need to make sure Bluetooth is turned on when you drive and stop your car.
  • A charger is very fast when compared to regular chargers.
  • Has the capacity to provide up to 2 amp.
  • Perform mileage tracking.
  • Extremely accurate parking feature (with application).
  • Option to set a parking counter reminder and take a picture of a parked location such as inside a garage (with the application).

    nonda ZUS Connected Car App Suite
    credit by Amazon


It is a bit expensive but if you have a problem forgetting the location of your car, do not hesitate to buy. This device will benefit you a lot.


After a quick review of the device, we would like you to tell us in comments about your experience with this device if you have already purchased it and if you would like to buy it, we will put you a direct conversion link to Amazon.

It’s Available On Amazon:
Nonda ZUS Connected Car App Suite 

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